Snowplay Information

Snowplay Activities
Winter visitors in the Mt. Charleston area have the opportunity for all kinds of wintertime recreation! Snowshoeing, sledding, building snowmen, making snow angels, and winter wildlife watching are just a few of the things you can do in the winter. You can also ski & snowboard at the Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort in Lee Canyon.

Snowplay is often best on weekdays and during the morning on weekends. Traffic and parking congestion due to limited space is a frequent occurrence on weekends.  

Printable Snow Play Map

Where to Play in the Snow

Lee Canyon (HWY 156) is your best option. This is the 2nd Mt. Charleston exit from US95 North. Open places include the Lee Meadows, Sawmill Picnic Area, Bristlecone Trail for snowshoe hiking, and various pullouts on Deer Creek Highway (HWY 158) and Lee Canyon Road (HWY 156). Later this winter, Kyle Picnic Area may be open for snow play as well.

Parking is available on designated pull offs along Deer Creek Highway (HWY 158) and Lee Canyon Road (HWY 156). All wheels must be to the right of the white line (fog line) to allow emergency vehicles to pass. Illegally parked vehicles can be fined and towed. No parking is allowed along Kyle Canyon Road (HWY 157) except in designated areas. Please follow "No Parking" restrictions and be mindful that parking is limited during the winter.

Public Restrooms
Restroom facilities are located at the Spring Mountains Visitor Center, Deer Creek Picnic Area parking lot, and Sawmill Picnic Area.

Roads are generally in good condition. Four-wheel-drive vehicles are recommended but are not necessarily needed (especially if the roads are dry). Snow chains and four-wheel-drive are required when snow storms hit the mountain, so come prepared. Check  for road conditions before you head out.

Most snow play areas are free but can be very crowded with limited parking.

Our guided Snowshoe Hikes are $10 per person for a 2 hour guided hike and equipment rental.

Food & Gas
Food is available at the Mt. Charleston Lodge, Mt. Charleston Resort, and the Ski & Snowboard Resort. There are NO gas stations, so start with a full tank.

Pets must be kept on a leash. Please clean up after your pets.

Please put trash in designated cans or dumpsters or please take it with you. Trash cans and dumpsters can be found at the Visitor Center Parking Lot, Lee Meadows, Sawmill Picnic Area and certain pullouts on Lee Canyon Road. Keeping the Mt. Charleston area clean is important and respectful towards other visitors, residents and wildlife.

Snow Play Safety: Don't Be a Faceplant Chipmunk!

Snow Play Safety Tips

    • Sled only in open areas without trees & fences
    • Do not sled near roads
    • Sled on snow that is at least 12 inches deep
    • Consider wearing a helmet
    • Always sled feet-first
    • Do not make ramps
    • Do not leave broken sleds or other trash behind
    • Be aware of others so you do not run into them
    • No snow play on private or "closed" areas
    • Be respectful and mindful of winter wildlife


Check before you go!

Winter snow storms can be very dangerous up in the Spring Mountains. Before you head out to enjoy the snow, please check the weather and the roads!

Click here to check the weather forecast.

Click here to check the road conditions. Zoom in on southern Nevada to see conditions on Highways 156, 157, & 158.

Want more out of your Snow Play experience?

Take one of our guided snowshoe hike programs. Click here for more details.

Volunteer: Our Snow Hosts provide information to visitors for their snow play experiences. Click here for more details.