Know Before You Go

Tips for a great visit

Picnics and Camping. For  campsite or large group picnic area, reservations, please call 877-444-6777 or visit . If you choose to picnic outside of the developed areas make sure you are not on private property. Leave no trash or food behind.

Campfires Allowed in Developed Campgrounds. Fires must be in a campground fire ring.  Please check with the Visitor Center for current status and further regulations.

Pets–Keep them on a leash.  Pets are required to be on a leash in Clark County. This includes trails, campgrounds, picnic areas, and the back country. Leashes help your pets avoid contact with other animals (tame and wild) and hikers. And of course, please clean up after your pets.

Be Courteous. Please be considerate of fellow visitors so that everyone has a great experience. While hiking, you may see horseback riders and mountain bikers. Motorized vehicles are prohibited on some trails, please ask the visitor center for details.

Cell phonesLimited Reception.  Much of Lee Canyon has no reception.  Reception in Kyle Canyon is limited.

Drinking WaterLimited Availability. The Visitor Center, all developed campgrounds and some picnic areas have drinking water from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Don't drink untreated water from streams or springs.

Trash–Find a Dumpster or Take it Home. Dumpsters are located only at the Visitor Center and developed camping and picnic areas. If you can’t get to a dumpster, please take trash back home.

Toilets. Toilets are available at the Visitor Center and developed camping and picnic areas. If you are unable to find a toilet, dig a hole to bury toilet paper and human waste. Cover and disguise the hole when finished.

Dehydration and Heat Stress. Drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen and a hat.

HypothermiaTake a Jacket.  Hypothermia is possible even in midsummer at cooler high elevations. Bring extra clothes to stay warm and dry.

Be Aware of Wilderness Areas. Watch for wilderness boundary signs so you’ll know when you’ve entered the wilderness area. Motorized vehicle use, bicycles, mechanized equipment, and geocaching are not allowed in the wilderness areas.

Don’t Erase the Traces of America’s Past. Archaeological and historic sites hold clues to America’s past. If disturbed, a part of our heritage may be lost forever. Historic sites and artifacts on federal lands are protected by federal law. If you discover such remains, please leave them undisturbed.

Useful Numbers and Websites
  • EMERGENCY: 911
  • National Recreation Reservation Service (campground reservations): 877-444-6777 or
  • Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department: 702-229-3111
  • Spring Mountains National Recreation Area Administrative Office: 702-515-5400
  • Nevada Division of Wildlife (hunting and fishing): 702-486-5127,
  • To report forest fires call: 702-631-2350