Things To Do in the Spring Mountains
Go On A Scenic Drive! Drive up Kyle Canyon, across the Deer Creek Highway, and down Lee Canyon for a spectacular driving tour of the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. The route includes spectacular mountain scenery, a variety of ecosystems and opportunities to observe wildlife. If you want to get into the dirt, we have many OHV trails so look for the trail markers or download our OHV maps.

Go Hiking!
Trails will lead you into lush forests with views of steep limestone cliffs, through one of the West’s most unique Bristlecone Pine forests, and along alpine slopes with views from California to Utah. See a list of trails to hike at Mt. Charleston.

Go To A Program! A variety of fun, engaging, and educational programs are available throughout the year. They're the perfect opportunity to learn something about the Spring Mountains and to have fun with the whole family. View programs offered at Mt. Charleston.

Go Picnicking! See a list of picnic sites at Mt Charleston. Picnic sites open once they are no longer buried in snow.

Go Camping!
 All developed campgrounds in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area are located in the Mt. Charleston area within Kyle Canyon and Lee Canyon. See a list of of campsites at Mt Charleston. To reserve a campsite call 
877-444-6777 or go to

Go Mountain Bike Riding! The Bristlecone and the Sawmill Trails offer loop opportunities that include single track and great views. Mountain bike riding is not allowed in wilderness areas or on other trails as posted.

Go Horseback Riding! All trails except the upper section of the Bristlecone Trail are open to horseback riding. However the following trails are not recommended due to steep dangerous terrain or heavy visitor use: Cathedral Rock, upper elevation sections of the North Loop, Mary Jane Falls, and Robber’s Roost.

Go Wildlife & Wildflower Viewing! The Spring Mountains are a forested oasis in the desert and a great place for wildlife viewing. Abundant wildflowers, many of them found only in the Spring Mountains, charm hikers throughout the summer months. Trails and trailheads, campgrounds, and day-use picnic areas are ideal locations for wildlife and wildflower viewing. Pine nuts can be collected in the fall, click for harvesting regulations.

Go Volunteer! Every year volunteers dedicate thousands of hours to enhance recreational opportunities and care for ecosystems across the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. Get more information about volunteering at Mt Charleston.

Go Play In The Snow! Snow should be AT LEAST 12" deep for fun & safe snow play. See our snow play page for more information!

Go on a Snowshoe Hike! Snowshoe hikes are great fun and exercise when there's snow on the ground.

Go Skiing! The Lee Canyon Ski & Snowboard Resort offers daily & season passes, rentals, and beginner classes throughout the snowy months.