Date & Time:

Saturday 02/19/2022
12:00 pm-4:00 pm


Southern Nevada Conservancy


Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway


  • Special
  • Volunteer

Event Details

Are you looking to play in the snow or go for a hike? We welcome you to enjoy the cold, wintery weather out at the Spring Mountain Visitor Gateway. If you see any micro trash, big trash, sleds, we welcome you to grab a litter picker and a bag, maybe some gloves, and head on out to the gateway and the trails and help us to keep it clean and litter-free. We welcome all who wish to come up here and enjoy the beautiful scenery as you give back.

Make sure to bundle up, dress in layers, pack some extra clothes, bring some water. Check out more info on how to best be prepared for snowy weather.

*No registration is required.

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sled trash collected by volunteers at lee meadows