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Sunday 04/21/2024
11:00 am-12:30 pm


Southern Nevada Conservancy


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  • Family
  • Hiking
  • Wildlife

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About this Hike

Join us for a refreshing hike through the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area this spring. ‘Spring Symphony: The Ecological Harmony of the Spring Mountains’ is a gentle journey into the awakening world of nature after winter’s slumber. As we walk the trails, we’ll observe the resurgence of life in this unique ecosystem, from budding flowers to the return of bird song. This hike is an opportunity to learn about the area’s ecology in a relaxed setting, seeing firsthand how plant and animal life interact and adapt to the changing seasons. Our knowledgeable guide will share insights about the local flora and fauna, making this more than just a walk in the woods—it’s a chance to connect with nature and understand the delicate balance of life in the Spring Mountains. Perfect for nature lovers of all ages, this hike promises a day of discovery, gentle exercise, and the simple joy of being outdoors in one of the most beautiful settings spring has to offer.

Please come prepared with suitable hiking clothes, shoes, and water. A backpack, hat, and sunscreen are recommended.
Email [email protected] with any questions.

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volunteers in a field of trees with shovels and buckets