Date & Time:

Sunday 06/05/2022
9:30 am-3:00 pm


Southern Nevada Conservancy


Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway


  • Hiking
  • Volunteer

Event Details

Round-up Trail Hosts! We’re meeting up at the Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway to get everyone acquainted and to have opportunities to host together and blitz the mountain and be available for the public and check out trail conditions. Hiking season is here and Summer break has begun, so we need all trained Trail Hosts (if available) to head on up and head on out to a trail. The time to meet up is at 9:30 am and goes until 3 pm (or earlier if you finish your trail sooner).

We will start the session with a safety briefing and discussion. We will assess what trails should be hiked and send you all out, either as a pair or as individuals.


If you’re interested in joining us as a Trail Host, we have training sessions scheduled twice a month. We hold a virtual Microsoft Teams training session and an in-person session at the Education Building at the Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway. Please RSVP if interested. If unable to make it to our scheduled training sessions, please email us at [email protected] and we can figure out a time that works.

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Trail Host gives directions to a hiker