#FunFactFriday: Do you know how insects survive the harsh winters? Some insects like this Carole's Silverspot will simply sleep through it!

Females will lay their eggs on the Charleston Violet in late summer, and larval caterpillars will hatch in the fall. These caterpillars will then go to sleep un-fed for the remainder of the winter. When the hungry bugs awaken in the spring it's the perfect time to feast, as the violets begin to grow again too!

This beautiful butterfly and it's larval host pant the Charleston Violet, are both endemic species to the Spring Mountains!

#BonusFact: Carole's Silverspot is partly named after Carole Lombard, an actress who died in the 1942 plane crash on Mount Potosi, the high peak on the southern portion of the Spring Mountains. The other part of the name, Silverspot, is given due to the metallic markings on it's underwing.

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