As you know, Southern Nevada Conservancy supports public lands management through formal agreements that provide staff and volunteers for federal agencies, in capacities that often aren’t covered by tax dollars. In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Hilary’s fury, dropping the equivalent of the mountain’s annual rainfall in just 48 hours, the restoration of the hard-hit Mt. Charleston area of the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area became a critical mission for our Go Mt Charleston work. Southern Nevada Conservancy leads the charge in aiding the US Forest Service post-storm, and your support this #GivingTuesday is vital to this cause, aiming to raise $40,000 in order to purchase a reliable pickup truck.

The storm’s havoc has identified an urgent need for a 4×4 pickup truck, essential for our staff’s ability to work and manage volunteer projects at the mountain’s most popular sites and trails that have been devastated by flood damage. This vehicle represents more than mere transportation; it’s the cornerstone of our commitment to forest restoration and safeguarding the fragile Sky Island ecosystem. With it, we’ll also be able to expand year-round educational programs and volunteer opportunities, ensuring access in all weather and road conditions. Your contribution will directly impact our ability to restore trails, replant vegetation, provide environmental education in the field, and safeguard this alpine oasis.

giving tueasday logo over a long section of washed out roadOver the past year, your generosity empowered us to engage 1,369 volunteers, plant 6,000 trees, remove 11,000 pounds of litter, and conduct 127 educational programs. Additionally, our Go Mt Charleston website and social media accounts have an online reach of over 6 million annually, and our ability to provide timely updates and information from the field are essential for the public before coming to the mountain. Your donations sustain these vital initiatives, allowing us to continue this impactful work for the preservation of Mt. Charleston, and this truck will ensure we are able to support our partners in restoration, cleanup, and conservation efforts.

Join us in this endeavor! We couldn’t steer this project without you and your contribution, no matter the size, helps us secure the means to expand our programs and work effectively in all conditions. Together, let’s ensure the effective restoration and preservation of Mt. Charleston’s beauty while building our educational and volunteer programs. Will you help us reach our goal? Every donation makes a difference!

Giving Tuesday is November 28, but you can donate today and be a part of the restoration journey!

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