Did you know that ponderosa pines are known to smell like vanilla and butterscotch? Scientists believe that this sweet scent comes from a chemical in the sap, that when heated by the sun releases the delightfularoma. Inviting participants to walk up and take a sniff is one of our favorite parts of guiding hikes. Thanks to your generous support, kids from all over Nevada can meaningfully connect with their public lands. Become a member of Southern Nevada Conservancy today for the price f a couple lattes, and next time you find yourself hiking through these towering trees, try it out for yourself!

This New Year, make a resolution to support public lands education. Your gift puts the natural and cultural world into context with thoughtful and imaginative activities designed to build curiosity, understanding, and fun. Our enduring commitment is to connect current and future generations to some of Nevada's most majestic public lands, including: Red Rock Canyon, Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, Desert National Wildlife Refuge, and California Trail Interpretive Center. With a diverse variety of year-round interpretive programming, we strive to promote use, understanding, appreciation, and respect for these treasures. This task requires the help of many, and every bit of help leads to success!

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female ranger holding a ponderosa pune trunk and smiling at a young girl while older boy smells tree

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