Our new Mount Charleston Blue Butterfly Trail Host Program needs a logo!

We invite submissions from anyone outside of our organization from February 22nd to March 20th.

We are looking for a design based on the Mount Charleston Blue Butterfly (images provided below). You can submit a picture, image, drawing, painting, or any other form of original art.

Submission are officially closed. We have chosen our winner! Please look below for the winning logo and some honorable mentions to others who also submitted.

Participants acknowledge that, by submitting art to this contest:

  • the submission is original art created by the stated artist
  • Southern Nevada Conservancy, Go Mt Charleston, US Forest Service, and partner organizations may use this art as deemed appropriate in perpetuity
  • artists will receive no compensation for artwork submitted
  • artists retain ownership of copyright, however winner shall not use any of the above names in conjunction with other use of the art without express permission
  • the artist whose logo is deemed the winner will receive a water bottle with the logo on it and acknowledgement on website and social media platforms, which is the entirety of the prize

MCBB Logo Competition Winner and other Honorable Mentions

We have found our winner! We are thrilled to announce Stephen Smith as the winner of the Mount Charleston Blue Butterfly Trail Host Logo Competition! Stephens captivating design features the iconic Mount Charleston Blue Butterfly, elegantly encircled in green and framed by the words ‘Mount Charleston Blue Butterfly Trail Host.’ This beautiful logo will now represent our Mount Charleston Blue Butterfly (MCBB) Trail Host Program, dedicated to the conservation of our unique and endangered butterflies in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. Below you will find the logo, and some words from Stephen himself!

Name: Stephen Smith

What made you want to participate in the logo competition?
I have been a professional graphic designer for over 40 years & have a proven track record for providing successful logos & brand identities for world wide brands. I have a large garden that is planted with species specifically to attract butterflies! Merging these two interests, I felt I could contribute some useful ideas to your logo process & I love the Charleston Blue a beautiful creature.

A huge shoutout to everyone who shared their creativity in the Mount Charleston Blue Butterfly Trail Host Logo Competition! Your artistry truly impressed us, and choosing was no easy feat because every submission brought something special to the table. We’re so grateful for your participation and hope you keep nurturing your artistic talents. Below you will find the other submission into the Logo Competition and what they had to say about participating in the competition!

Name: Jenny P.

What made you want to participate in the logo competition?
A good friend of mine sent the link to the contest and encouraged me to submit a logo. I believe in the mission of Go Mt. Charleston and environmental education for all ages. Specifically, I believe in educating others about the significance of protecting endangered species. The Blue Butterfly is delicate and beautiful, and it is exciting that this species is being highlighted in this contest. The arts are also important to me and my love for arts and nature came together while working on this contest submission. Thank you!

Name: Laurielle F.

What made you want to participate in the logo competition?
I actually just moved to Las Vegas from Phoenix and went to the Mt. Charleston website to look for hiking trails and saw the blue butterfly logo contest. The competition seemed like a great opportunity to combine art and nature – two of my favorite things! 

Name: Mindy Blackburn

Name: John Coulter

What made you want to participate in the logo competition?
We love hiking around Mt. Charleston.  I learned about the Mount Charleston Blue Butterfly back in 2013 when the fires threatened its habitat. More recently, we hiked the Bristlecone Loop and I read the educational signage about the butterfly and the flowers it depends on. We try to hike Cathedral Rock every Fall to see the Aspen leaves turning, so we were bummed about the rains washing it out.  When my wife told me about the logo competition that she saw on Instagram, it sounded like a great way to give back to a place that has brought us joy and hopefully help get the trails rebuilt. 

Name: Erika W.

Name: Olivia B.

What made you want to participate in the logo competition?
I created this logo because Mount Charleston holds a special place in my heart. Not many people know that just outside of ‘Sin City,’ in the middle of the desert, there is a peaceful oasis waiting for you. You can walk tall amongst trees and explore incredible trails with butterflies. It’s a place where you can connect with yourself, get out into nature, and see all its beauty.🦋

Here are some images of the Mount Charleston Blue Butterfly:

mcbb line art

art credit: Katy Gulley

Image Credit: Katy Gulley

Credit: Katy Gulley
mcbb photo on habitat plant
Credit: Katy Gulley

credit: Daniel Thompson

Credit: Daniel Thompson UNLV

Credit: Daniel Thompson UNLV

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