mcbb trail host announcement
Go Mt. Charleston is starting a new Volunteer Program this summer! Growing from our successful Trail Host Program, the Mount Charleston Blue Butterfly Trail Host Program is directed to those who are enthusiastic about environmental education and protecting the habitat of the endemic species that live on the Spring Mountains. We are looking for folks who can volunteer at least two times a month starting in April and can hike trails like the Bristlecone, Bonanza, and Acastus Trail to inform visitors of how we impact the habitats of our endemic species.

Being and MCBB Trail Host means you will be given a Volunteer Vest, a hat, a t-shirt, and a water bottle! We will prepare you with training to help you understand which endemic species are the Spring Mountains; how they survive, what plants they live off of, how to recreate responsibly, and more to help you while you are volunteering! There will also be opportunities to be stationed at informative tabling events in areas such as Lee Meadows and the Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway. Once you’ve joined this volunteer program, you will also be given opportunities to assist in leading events such as Invasive Species Removals, Trail Structure Removals, and Trail Restoration.

The Mount Charleston Blue Butterfly (MCBB) Logo Competition

We are looking for anyone that has an artsy side to submit a MCBB Logo for our new Trail Host Program! Want more information? Check out our post here.

The first training for the MCBB Trail Host Program will be at the beginning of April. Please check back for the official date or keep an eye out on our event calendar for future trainings. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

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