There are a few specific rules for shooting in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, in addition to the US Forest Service regulations listed further below, so here are the highlights and links to more info:

· Fireworks, exploding targets, and incendiary or tracer ammo are PROHIBITED on public lands.

· Shooting is prohibited within 2 miles of paved roads, and 1 mile of forest roads and trails. This applies to surrounding BLM land and Clark County as well (Clark County Code 12.04.230). This restriction includes all developed areas like picnic areas, campgrounds, and meadows.

· Lovell Canyon is currently closed to shooting:

The US Forest Service also has basic rules for shooting that must be followed in addition to the the above local restrictions specific to the Spring Mountains. The Code of Federal Regulations (title 36), states that recreational shooting can take place on National Forest lands under these conditions:

· You are at least 150 yards from a residence, building, campsite, developed recreation area or occupied area.

· You are not shooting across or on a Forest Service Road or an adjacent body of water.

· You are not shooting into or within a cave.

· You are not shooting in any manner or place where any person, property, or resource is exposed to injury or damage as a result of such discharge.

· You are not firing any tracer bullet or incendiary ammunition.

Generally speaking, the restrictions mean there is no safe place to target shoot within the well-used Kyle and Lee canyons, as well as Lovell Canyon. The further out you go while following these rules, the safer it can be. Carrying of firearms is still regulated by federal, state, and local laws and the person in possession, as well as any participant, should make sure they are aware of all regulations and possess any necessary licenses, permits, and hunting tags.

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