Winter visitors to the Spring Mountains have the opportunity for all kinds of  recreation, start here for a safe and enjoyable visit!
Read all the tips below, and check our weekly update for the complete list of recreation closures:
We are following the agency and CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19, closely monitoring the situation and responding to current conditions. Please continue to monitor this page for status updates.

Due to significant over-crowding anticipated on snowy weekends, entry to State Routes 156 and 157 (Lee Canyon an Kyle Canyon Roads) will be limited. Reservations at the restaurants and the Ski and Snow resort will be prioritized. If you visit these areas without a reservation, be prepared for long delays, limited parking and lack of amenities.

Snow tire designation

Tires must have the "3 peak snowflake" designation to qualify as an approved "mud and snow tire" when chains or snow tires are required

See snow on the horizon? Winter storms can make travel very dangerous.
* Always check the WEATHER and the ROAD CONDITIONS (zoom in to the Las Vegas area and click the roads) before you head up!
* Make sure your vehicle is able to handle icy roads and snow-filled parking lots by using chains or snow tires when required. 4WD or AWD are recommended even in dry road conditions due to slushy parking areas. There is no gas on the mountain, so start with a full tank. Keep blankets and a bag of kitty litter in the trunk in case you get stuck.
* Plan ahead by downloading our Snow Map for the 2020-2021 winter season.

No parking sign at lee meadowsSnowplay is often best on weekdays and during the early morning on weekends. Traffic and parking congestion due to limited space is a frequent occurrence on weekends. Snowshoeing, sledding, building snowmen, making snow angels, and winter wildlife watching are just a few of the things you can do in the winter. Adventurous visitors can go tubing, ski, and snowboard at the Lee Canyon Ski & Snowboard Resort in Lee Canyon. For a fun sledding "how-to", meet our friend Faceplant Chipmunk!

Vehicles must park all the way to the right of the white line when parking on the side of the roadParking and Snow Play Areas
- Foxtail Group Picnic Area (starting 1/30/21 open Fri/Sat/Sun 10am-3pm, $25/car)
- Old Mill Picnic Area (Closed, will open for snow play with enough snow)
- Kyle Canyon Picnic Area
- Sawmill Picnic Area
- Deer Creek Picnic Area
- Lee Canyon Ski & Snowboard Resort (Reservations REQUIRED for activities and parking)

tips for safe snow play

dress in proper layers for cold weather


There are a few webcams you can watch to see weather and snow:
- Weatherbug/News 3 camera (click on" Webcam") on the Mt Charleston Lodge in Kyle Canyon facing NW towards Charleston Peak
- The Mount Charleston Weather webcam facing NE towards Hwy 156/Lee Canyon Rd and helpful to see snowplay traffic
- The Lee Canyon resort's webcams have various angles of the slopes and lodge area

Thanks to all the fellow partner agencies in the Mt. Charleston Winter Alliance who work together each snow season to keep visitors to the Spring Mountains safe and informed!

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